Trando 3D Power Up 2019 Summit of Residents Standardzation Traning

Sep 23, 2019
2019 Summit of Resident Standardization Training is held in 30th-31st of August at Beijing.

Trando 3D are invited to display this summit with newly-developed Modular Vascular Simulator (MVS), 3D printing hydrogel model (vessel, stomach, kidney, liver, brain).

Modular Vascular Simulator (MVS) is a systemic simulator for endovascular interventional procedure. The vascular is 3D printed based on real CT/MRI data for physiological fidelity. Taking silicone of Shore 40A hardness as raw material to make sure realistic feedback. Various pathologies are on offer and can be easily attached to simulator.

Trando 3D are pleased to provide models for this summit, through which we understood the latest national policies and new requirements for residents training and education. We look forward to working together with more residents to improve training quality.


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