Trandomed 3D, Inc. has focused on medical 3D printing technology innovation and personalized medical product development for over 20 years in China.  Located in Ningbo municipality——the first pilot city for the "Made in China 2025" strategy , our company get the substantial support from Ningbo government for patented 3DP  technique. Working closely with researchers in State key laboratory of mechanical engineering department from Xi’an Jiaotong university, our team has been the first to apply the 3DP technology to medical implantation clinic research in 2001.   One of our projects---” Application of 3D printing technique in individual implantation of maxillofacial bone replacement ” has won the Second Prize of State Technological Invention Award in 2014.



Currently Our product range includes two broad categories:

a)Anatomical model about major organs.  

b)Medical simulator,mainly the full body vascular model(Cerebral-Coronary-Abdominal)

All these models can be supplied from our product directory or customized according to your specific needs.

Our medical models are widely used in hospital for teaching,illustrating,practicing and evaluating surgical and medical technique. And it's also good for pre-operative planning,minimizing intra-operative unforeseen situation and reducing the risk of damage or death to patient. Responsible for providing technical support, mainly the 3D printed Orthopaedic implants, our team cooperate with china’s famous key hospitals, such as Xijing hospital and Huaxi hospital, finishing a hundred clinic practical cases.

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