Cordis Academy
Cordis Academy is the world leader in offering high-quality training course and less-invasive cardiovascular products , and is also our strategic partner in 3D printing technology. They need one complete vascular system to do interventional procedure simulation and training.

 Take silicone of Shore 40A hardness, 85% transparency as raw material; wall thickness 2mm.
 The model contains complicated human vasculature from brain to foot, which is the first complete 3D printed silicone vascular simulator in the world.
 We also customize a human-like shell to cover the model for more usage scenario.
Ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for this simulator in Cordis in Shanghai in 29/08/2017.
The general manager Mr. Lian from Cordis, Mr. Han, dean of training institute attended the ceremony. Our CEO, Mr. Gong addressed the keynote speech---3D printed silicone mock vessel and blood flow simulator for endovascular surgery simulation, which was broadcast live and drew the attention of many professionals in 3D printing field.


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